Andrés Giles is a contemporary artist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in November 1980. Self taught from an early age, his work has been heavily influenced by Abstract Expressionist American painters such as Jackson Pollock, William de Kooning, Franz Kline and Richard Hamilton. His work is also inspired by modern and contemporary European painters.

Andres has dedicated his career to adopting new contemporary painting techniques and experimenting with new abstract methods to develop his unique forms of expression. His work is often compared to "Offsider" painters as the great Francis Bacon, Alberto Giacometti, Horacio Sosa Cordero, Jean Michel Basquiat and Lucian Freud. 

An internationally acclaimed artist, Andres is admired and respected for the originality of his work by leading artists such as Yoko Ono, Argentine painter Rómulo Macció and Gyula Kosice. 

Today his work can be viewed at his workshops and galleries in New York, Paris and Buenos Aires.